Transitory Frequencies

The Translation of Sound into Space


My project is a thesis and explores how sound can be translated into space. I derived a taxonomy and explored how this could be used to interpret sound and the how this could be applied to my building to order the different spaces within. I focused on movement as a concept which is seen throughout the building at various scales. I first came up with a set of taxonomy, which combined with my field diagram defined the heights of my building. The different heights determined the volume of sounds for each level. Sound therapy works at different frequencies to provide healing to the body in many mental and physical ways. The building is for the use of ex-convicts so I decided to include sound therapy in my building as it have many benefits and will aid them with their rehabilitation and integration back into society.

I am currently in my third year completing RIBA part 1 BA (hons) Architecture at Birmingham City University. I am passionate about exploring architecture and design in not only a structural and environmental way, but also a conceptual way, which is explored in my recent projects.
I have a range of skills that I have developed during my time in education from physics to graphics which facilitate me to explore architecture at various stages of a project. I excel in environmental design which is a subject that I am enthusiastic to take through my architectural career. As there is an urgent need to respond to this crisis, I aim to incorporate sustainable design throughout my current and past projects.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
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