My project ‘Rewilding’ focuses on the integration of nature into architecture. The concept is to break boundaries which prevent the stages of rewilding in order to continue the flow of greenery into Digbeth. The process of rewilding is done naturally rather than being placed intentionally.
The idea of ‘Architecture vs Nature’ is practiced in this scheme by incorporating a double tracked, sliding timber walls in
the corridors which separates the functional spaces from the central courtyard. These moveable walls allow the user to adjust the environment and atmosphere of the corridor space from light to dark; thus, creating different views and openings into the courtyard. ‘Architecture vs Nature’ is expressed through the contrast of a dark, internal corridor space against the bright, well-lit courtyard space.

An enthusiastic and ambitious architecture student, I aim to appreciate and recognise the potential architecture has to understand and therefore, exemplify, the physical and social elements of the city.
I am currently engaged in a project experimenting with how architecture can create a social hierarchy, recognising the implications this has on the human scale. By curating an ‘extreme’ outcome, I look to highlight the social diversity that is prevalent in today’s society. I am interested in understanding the multiple layers and how this can be abstracted to create an architectural form that is contextually aware.
My interests in architecture focus on social issues where sustainability to society is important to the vitality of spaces. I am keen to learn new skills to develop further ideas and approaches to architecture and the built environment.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000