Seeing as an architectural project developed thorough a mind-set of being an [In-situ]ationist where it aims to be a ‘creative drivers’ to understand and achieve a conceptual force within an abandoned space or a Terrain Vague to find or create a new meaning that anchored strongly in its urban context. As an architectural proposal, the Seeing building provides and act as social activism to solve a social issue, in this case, to create a Community Centre and Halfway House as an in-between space to bridge the neglected part of the society (ex-convicted) to greater achievement. Through the concept of Gradual Level of Seeing in the aim to manipulate the spaces within the building through a device of For_Seeing.

I’m Dea Arimbawa, currently a Year 3 Ba (Hons) Architecture and Design student at Birmingham City University, and as a future creative architectural driver, I ought to be an architect that not only focuses on creating pretty buildings but also to be innovative designers towards an urban social issues.
I valued to be an architect that is sensitive, ingenious and eager to learn inventive architectural design towards a more sustainable environment, social and economic architecture. My passion for architecture has brought me towards a work ethic that is passionate to learn the future of the architectural industry. Born and raised in Indonesia has given me the opportunity to be attentive towards not only modern and contemporary architecture but also in Western and Asian vernacular architecture.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
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