Food – Culture – Landscape


My project ‘Food – Culture – Landscape’ derives from my passion for food and cooking. The overall aim is to utilise food as a tool that facilitates cross-cultural interaction, thus reducing social segregation. Namely, the site adjacent to the bullring markets has been spatially developed to create numerous ‘squares’, “spaces which contribute hugely to social cohesion and local identity”, where these food interactions can occur.

My name is Elliott Farley and I am a hardworking Landscape Consultant who whilst undergoing my full-time master’s has gained 2 years of in-practice experience.
Complemented by the creative skill set I have developed over the MLA, my main interest lies in Landscape Planning where I am able to critically think, advise, and produce technical reports and assessments for a variety of clients.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000