Waste water Gardens


My thesis project aims to respond to “Minimising our waste and advocating faster industry change” I am specifically looking at waste water from surface run of and rainwater waste.   With water levels rising, and flood risks growing emphasis on reducing reliance on imported merchandise and more sustainable ways of farming. This project aims to gather this precious commodity of water from HS2 roof scape and other large expanses of roof/hard landscaping within the city acting as a holding place to reduce surface run off, creating an inner city water garden producing a yield of fresh water clams, pearls and edible flora to be prepared in an onsite restaurant.   A series of filtration beds and UV light treatment processes the water without the use of chemicals. The aquaponic centre, agricultural water gardens, fish / clam pool all rely on the waters system. 

Part time master’s degree student as I returned to BCU after two years in industry. Studying Part time has been challenging but rewarding to gain valuable experience. Alongside my job I am also part of the Army Reserves and work as a construction engineer reviewing, assessing and creating design solutions for infrastructure issues and humanitarian disasters.
I have enjoyed the 3 year masters course and being part of unit ERA as the issues raised within our university agenda however uncomfortable, the issues are here to stay unless we take control and start to make changes now, I look forward to taking the unit agenda forward in my life. 

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