Axis / Lucent


My final project is a sustainable alternative to individualised furniture and lighting. Batch produced for a sense of luxury in its materials, yet never identical when individualised by the user, this pair of domestic lighting and storage items are ready to adjust when the user wishes to do so. The non-permanent attached surfaces create a unique way to transform the storage structures with ease.

My name is Grace and I am a Product and Furniture Design student from England. I have always been focused on honest, functional design whilst maintaining a balanced approach to form and aesthetics.
For me, this means utilising a material’s natural characteristics to their advantage, whilst subconsciously always working towards a sustainable alternative. I believe that sustainability should not be the central focus of a project, but nonetheless always importantly present. This is my vision for a more sustainable world, to meet sustainable targets without needing to address them as this.


The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
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