Beijing Migrant Urban Village

Because of China’s rapid urbanisation, it has become a legacy of urban villages. With so many job opportunities in the heart of Beijing’s CBD, it attracts a large number of migrant workers.
At the same time, the inflow of population has also brought great problems and impacts here. For example, environmental pollution caused by the increase of the migrant population, and the quality of the population.
Secondly, due to the long time of the site, there are some problems. For example, public facilities and functions are inadequate, and transportation and sewage systems are inadequate; Many open Spaces are empty; Shabby houses; Hawkers operating on the streets cause traffic jams; Fire hazard.


As a landscape architect, I think I should use my professional knowledge to help them. To understand the environment, improve the ecology, appeal to society. I think there are some important problems in achieving these goals. The confusion caused by a difference in political thought. People’s different consciousness.
In fact, the realisation of these goals is not optional but requires self-discipline. So publicity is very important.

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