Digb[Earth] focuses on the sustainability of materials and using the site as a source for healthy materials to be sourced into and sold in the marketplace, where workshops and learning activities also take place. Design exploration explored the form of my building by analysing how the material plaster cracks in the form of primary and secondary cracks, portraying a sign of impermanence.
This concept of cracking has been carried through into my design by having permanence and a more sustainable design underground and elements of the market above the ground with the intention for impermanence in the future, as the building above the ground is likely to be damaged over time first. Therefore, my project adopts a sustainable strategy of reusing earth materials on the site in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

Hi there, my name is Harpinder and welcome to my page for my final year project DIGB[EARTH]. My passion for design and the process along this journey is a key part of Architecture that I have learnt a lot from and been inspired by.
I am interested in the sustainability of materials and how this can affect Architecture in the present but also more importantly the impact choices have for the future. Over the course I have developed my skills through projects, and have gained inspiration along the way by gaining work experience in practices.

The Parkside Building
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