Epic Theatre for Birmingham


 Assuming the current architecture is disinterested, disable, or rejected in battlefront confrontations of dissent, could it act as an infiltrated agent working with and against opposite ideological agendas?


The concept of the platform will be based on the Epic Theatre movement by Bertolt Brecht as a primary reference. The project can be considered as an architectural artefacts that transcend beyond resolving problems but rather rendering them visible, substituting its pragmatic nature for a designs that forms an estrangement effect, that is, moments of revelation which will transform their users in critical observers of architecture and reality.


I propose dialectic agora, that functions as a double (secret) agent, acting as a cultural establishment, as well as a space that sanction agonistic encounters between the private and public, individual and institution.  Federations of non-governmental organisations and activist groups are invited to operate and manage the platform. Regardless of the clashing ideological agendas these groups are obliged to share the common ground of the street.


The platform will initially start as a unified structure. The platform then unfolds and becomes exposed where the section of the theatre becomes the section of the street. The platform will occupy most of the street. Therefore, the street itself becomes a “forum”: hence the gap between the interior and the public forum is eliminated, creating a moment of “estrangement” , where the space of politics becomes interiorised within the street resulting in the section of the street to act as antidote to the agonism in public life. Thus, re-establishing a relationship between citizens and the government.   

My name is Hicham Ouahabi, March (Hons) graduate, who enjoys reading, questioning, experimenting and manifesting philosophical and architectural theories.
I enjoy taking a rebellious approach to architecture pushing the boundaries of ideologies and design. I also enjoy collaborative projects that are multi-disciplinary and extend beyond architecture for the unpredictable learning outcome, networking opportunities and most of all THE FUN.  

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000