New Life


To Design a futuristic approach to student living space that is suitable for a mature student, the aim is to create this self-contained project by incorporating Biophilic design and Green Architecture into my design space. The design will focus on energy efficient, the use of recycled material, improving environmental quality covering air, improving indoor quality and occupant’s health and productivity.
The design will offer a high designing a high-quality living space, which will have a positive and lasting impact on the user and community. This will have a positive impact on the environment and will have the highest standards of sustainable design. This design will be a green building which will not only have a positive impact on the environment. Throughout out project development, sustainable and efficiency of the building will be highly considered.

During my time at BCU it has allowed me to express myself and to be creative within my projects. The ability to put together innovative concept and develop my initial ideas further on. While studying at BCU and working part time as a personal shopper I have adapted the ability to multi-task, time managed and develop my communication skills as my work requires me to communicate with management and clients.   

The Parkside Building
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