The Upcycle Centre


With the brief demanding a community space where people can work and ideas can be shared, I created a workflow in which I believe this process tends to happen and adapted the spatial layout to this.
The upcycling centre provides a lecture theatre with supporting seminar and class room spaces. These can be booked to hold events or meetings for those around the area who see it fit for the running of their programs. It also provides an exhibition space in which people experience the possibilities and see the value that can come from upcycling. Following this, it provides an open space collaborative work space. All open to the public.
With accompanied or granted access, the workshops and membership collaborative workspaces can also be accessed. Its main storage facility is also a very important feature to the projects program. Encouraging the contribution and usage of materials considered to be at the end of use by offering the option for the public to drop off materials as well as pick some up.

Hello, my name is Iletutu and I am an enthusiastic and creative designer. My curiosity and continuous interest to acquire knowledge has been the fuel for my interest in studying architecture and has in turn provided a means to harness these skills.
I possess a diverse range of skill sets that include but are not limited to sketching, product design, full-on design development process in architecture and other fields of design. I also have a budding interest in photography. Progressing from art at high school to design technology at A-levels, my choice to study and architecture feeds my curiosity for design, versatility and also encourages personal growth and development.
I am also a great team player. I believe that not only are the best works produced from multiple points of views but also that teamwork helps foster healthy work relationships.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000