Final Project


The living space projects focus on luxury and sustainability and how the two opposing concepts can merge together. Introducing luxury residential spaces to sustainable materials and function within the space.

Hi, my name is Ines Afonso De Sousa, I have just completed my degree in Interior Architecture and Design at Birmingham City University. My passion for Architecture and Design began from an early age and with the amazing opportunity I had to attend Birmingham City University I was able to develop my passion for Design into a career. Throughout this experience I develop my key skills which were communication and creativity in which enabled me to approach different projects with innovative concepts and further this into plans, technical drawings and visualisations. As a designer I believe our role is important because we change and build for the future. I hope to gain opportunities which will allow me to develop my skills and knowledge in the industry and expand my passion for Interior Architecture and Design.  

My final project focuses on Sustainable Luxury living. The world is changing and with new technologies evolving I believe we can change our environment by targeting homes. This project will demonstrate how wealthy people can still live a luxurious lifestyle with a sustainable home and how us as designers have the default choice of leading this change.  

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