Designer Digbeth Outlet


My approach to the brief is a luxury shopping outlet that includes both office space and retail space. A communal space that all people can visit and socialise. The design is sensitive to the issues we face today and in the future with the global crisis of global warming. There are many environmental factors and strategies included within the design of the building to help the project be more sustainable. As the building is to age, it will become more beautiful and overgrown with greenery creating the feeling of a healthier, happier lifestyle in Digbeth. The shopping outlet will be around for a long time and hopefully expand as time goes on, which would mean there is no demolition of the project only to expand or if necessary, reuse materials for another project and the materials chosen are reusable. The idea of a shopping outlet in itself is a sustainable way forward, a there is less waste from products being thrown to waste, instead send to be sold for better prices making it more affordable for many people.

My name is Jordan Pardoe, from a young age I have always enjoyed travelling around and exploring different types of architecture and designs. My favourite thing about architecture is every design has its own unique story. I love the idea that as architects we have the power to change the way people view the world.
I will eventually be designing sustainable projects for future needs, and I love the idea of inspiring other people! I am passionate about creating sustainable and fit-for-purpose designs which contribute to, rather than consume, their environment.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000