Uppingham Road – Leicester

Site is located east of the city centre, was once a prime high-street but with time the area did not develop and caused more people to stop using the area. It’s a key route to the smaller villages and cities such as Peterborough.
Choosing this particular site because it has most potential and to attract more people to the site.  Not many people use the park and high streets and the allotment homes are abandoned. This development could also provide opportunity for further development into the city centre.


As a Landscape Architect I think for our future it is key to keep in consideration
sustainability, but also how can we do this without destroying ecology and heritage and
really consider what is good for the future of mankind.
We need designers to create cleaner, less polluted areas through design.  Being able to
understand the disciplines of Landscape  Architecture and related influencers, i.e. architecture, engineering, sociology, ecology, transportation and take that to create more complex designs, which help the environment.
I think confidence is key as many people think LA are gardeners, but we are the link
between construction and the rehabilitation of the built environment.

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