Improving the environment of Urban People – Redevelopment of Birmingham Flower Market

The project is about improving the lives of people in cities. Birmingham is the second largest international city, cultural diversity, accessibility is very high, the transportation is convenient, convenient, tourism and culture is very good, comfortable temperature, species richness, around the potential population, population density is big, the rich, but the pollution is very serious, there is no specific provide most of the services, only a few scattered public green space, traffic and city center, the environment needs to be improved. On the one hand, it is to enhance the value of people; on the other hand, it is to give play to the ecological value.
Because the upper part of the site is particularly accessible, the lower part is actually a low-accessibility commercial area. Therefore, the site is divided into two main parts: the upper part is the activity square and the lower part is the rest area. In addition, in the website there is a Chinatown, and Chinese people are a special group and the large flow of people is increasing, so the daily needs of the Chinese people and the reasonable use of Chinese culture should not be too sudden, but should be integrated into life.
The project combines the needs of people, economy and environment to attract people, increase activity time and bring economic benefits. Provide infrastructure for residents, create a Chinese atmosphere, provide leisure space for pedestrians, achieve crowd integration, and increase cultural exchanges; Improve the air quality in the city center and regulate the microclimate. Through the concept of sustainable design, create the value of coexistence between urban residents and the environment


Landscape is integral and comprehensive. The significance of landscape does not mainly come from elements, but from the time connection of various elements. They are the existence of a system. Thus, man and nature exist in the same system. In this sense, landscape is the understanding and management of people and environment. Therefore, landscape health can bring human health and environmental health.
To solve the problem of how to design, it is necessary to start with every element in the system (elements are the integration of the system, just as the building is also part of the climate system (Figure 1). Similarly, human behavior and design are part of the landscape. Therefore, a good set of system management can bring out the corresponding landscape design. (John l. Motloch, 2000) in my opinion, what kind of system management method is developed based on what kind of landscape design you want to make, or what concepts are. Then proceed to sensitive design and planning.

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