Crossing the Threshold


The site is situated in Digbeth Birmingham witch is the historical industrial district of the city. While exploring Digbeth, I noticed the particularity of its composition and its many different doorways composing the landscape. After making a catalogue and analysing some of the different types of doorways by sketches, I decide to make the threshold a foundation of my project. Therefore questioning the hiding spaces behind the doorway and the action of crossing the threshold. I started my concept by making different models and then dividing the site with lines from the existing buildings on the site and around, transforming them into walls. I defined viewpoints through the site before organising the program from publics to privates spaces. My project invite people to come on a retreat away from the city to learn about recycling and making new object and materials from old ones. The building is made of timber and a mix of new and old bricks reused from demolish building in Birmingham, witch is the main material used around the site. The plan is organized with layers of walls that create a succession of interior space and courtyards. These thick brick walls divide the site and allows viewpoints with openings. The main intention is to bring people from a public to private space away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Two main view points are created from the road to the canal.

My name is Laura and I am from south of France. I have always been passionate about creation through different forms such as ceramics, art, photography and architecture. My interest for being an Architect brought me to study in Launceston, Paris and Birmingham. I love that this profession brings together a large number of interesting materials and topics.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000