Poesie fait por tous – Lautréamont

the objective of my design is to reconstruct the viaduct into a community center, a building which can question the public’s perception of an ex-con and most importantly break the ex-con self-identification with her/his criminal past, by creating a lifestyle which will prompt the capacity to revolutionize his/her own life. By altering the dynamics of a traditional building and empower people through architecture, the ex-con is integrated into society through encounter and play by achieving maximum participation from the local community and creating situations of spontaneous, everchanging, and continuous life experiences. Ultimately construct new moments of life, allowing local community and residents to drift in building a living organism that is sympathetic to human ludic and social need.

Meelad Faris is currently completing her final year in Architecture Ba(Hons) part-time at Birmingham City University and has 4 years’ experience in construction industry, Meelad was awarded the Building Birmingham scholarship in 2015 and through this she was introduced to Glancy Nicholls Architects, where she has been a valuable member since 2016. Meelad was twice-awarded the Stephen Lawrence Bursary Prize (2017 & 2018) and in her short career has been nominated for several awards including multiple entries for the G4C constructing Excellence Awards.
Taking a part- time route has enabled Meelad to have a hands-on experience in practice whilst simultaneously carrying out her studies. She has therefore had invaluable experience on a variety of projects in a range of sectors. Meelad has a passion for inclusive design and Architecture that stimulates the senses.

The Parkside Building
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