Verdigris is a powerhouse of sustainable systems that are self-serving to the site. From semester one, the project has developed from ideas of sustainable energies and decaying materials into how these sustainable energies would manifest on the site to create this powerhouse of sustainable systems. From studying these elements in semester one, I had become fascinated with the movement on the viaduct level and how that would transition down into the site. From researching wind turbines, I developed a concept about harvesting energy from the kinetic energy that would take place on the viaduct level. Then researching copper, I learned that it is a very sustainable material in longevity. Unlike other metal elements like steel, copper does not decay over time but grows a protective patina layer, which shows the beauty in decay. Following the concept of sustainable energies, I had chosen to create sustainable activities on site that would serve back into the system, for example; using the beehives on site as an activity and then selling the honey in the retail store. From the retail half of my scheme, I was inspired to create an office space for people in the area to come and work. These people who would be using this space had the potential to not have a space to work or hold business meetings. Similarly, to the people who would work in the retail space.

I am currently in my final year of the RIBA part 1 BA Architecture (Hons) at BCU. I am interested in topics such as sustainability, I enjoy researching new methods of sustainability and how to incorporate them into architecture to create new innovative methods. During my studies, I have had the opportunity to attend many guest lectures that have been highly informative and have influenced my ideas and projects in one in some way.
I have also had the opportunity to travel across Europe to work in practice in Italy and Cyprus where I had the opportunity to meet new practitioners and clients.

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