The word “movement” is defined as the “act of moving” or “change or development” with synonyms such as motion, journey, locomotion, manoeuvre, mobility, changing and evolving. In different perspectives all these words connect my building project together. From focusing on graffiti, street art, and transport speed around Digbeth, Birmingham the project led me to conceptualise with varied heights and viewpoints from the range of vehicles that pass by the site. The focus of my building is based around three concepts from ARC6011 Design Exploration; concept 1 is the correlation lines between graffiti and street art, concept 2 is the speed of transport around the Digbeth site, and concept 3 is the pattern created from the reusable wooden palette drawing pendulum. Birmingham has continuously thrived with graffiti and street art, mostly created and painted by the younger generation of Birmingham. According to Birmingham Council, the age range for illegal tagging and vandalism is between 14-17 however there is a connection to young adults up to the age of 20 as well. Despite the ‘illegal’ graffiti and tagging form, Digbeth hosts a range of ‘legal’ street art festivals such as the High VIS Festival and graffiti workshops such as that of located at the Custard Factory. The design of my building connects with this generation of people by allowing them to freely express their artistic skill sets and views through the form of graffiti and street art in a unique and modern open-planned sustainable building. Through the exploration of various materials, medias and techniques I have designed a workshop and gallery that tackles the ongoing illegal graffiti tagging by producing a developed concept that allows the youthful ge­neration to express their views through art. The hub features various artistic walls to create illusions for passing transport, such as the use of a double-skin façade as the graffiti canvas wall where in which trains passing will be able to catch a glimpse of the art form on the panels.

Hey there, my name is Nirayan and I am BA (Hons) Architecture final year student from London, who is empowered, intrigued and driven by the future vision for sustainable materials and cohesive community design within both rural and urban landscapes.
Through architectural experience in office and on site, my skills within ingenuity, model design and CAD has developed further in my higher education.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
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