ELEVATE is a project based around social sustainability. It explores the link between architecture and people, exploring what effect architecture can have on user health and helping improve social issues. Coming from the death and shopping studio that focuses on permanence and workability, the project aims to combine the two to propose a solution to knife crime. This is through providing young people a place to work and express themselves with others; and through providing the local community a place to commune and learn about the work young creatives are doing. The link between the two spaces is an amphitheatre space where the community can witness live performances from the young creatives. These performances then rise above the amphitheatre via a tower element which displays their work to those passing on the train on the viaduct. Helping young people grow and be understood rather than die and fit social stereotypes.

My name is Raheem Gilligan and I’m an aspiring young architect. My main love for architecture is the fact that a building can strictly change the way our world works. They provide shelter, a function and most importantly space – for life to grow. My ambition is to create buildings that help change the fabric of society. From the world’s smallest dwelling to its largest commercial building.
Building sustainability isn’t only limited to its materials and energy usage. A main purpose of the built environment is to provide space and shelter to life. That is where buildings must be designed with a consideration to context and functions suiting target users. This is my definition for social sustainability.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
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