Transpire: Aspire to transform and inspire


This project aims to make an impressionable mark on any user who visits  No.9 Margaret Street. Its accomplished concept of identity is issued so that it can transform much more than just a trans-person’s life and expand their perspective. It does this through approaching identity in a multitude of ways such as three-dimensional form, lighting shadowing, and creating depth through layering opaque objects. A discussion is opened in the design through layering mediums and exploring how this can make a person most comfortable with their personal identity.

My name is Connor, I’m an Interior Architecture and Design student. I strive to be part of the sought-after profession which is Interior Architecture.
During my time at Birmingham City University I have acquired a range of skills from graphics to technical drawing which has enabled me to explore interior architecture at various stages of a project in order to produce conceptual industry standard work.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000