Starting this project on terrain vague, I saw the beauty in one of the many abandoned lots in Digbeth.
The fascination of mapping windows came about from all the broken windows and pieces within the building. As the project developed, I started to investigate words derived from windows and came upon interstice; the space between and with this concept, it allowed me to explore a lot of ways for my forms. In connection to the brief, at first, I was interested in the mental health and wellbeing of prisoners and their aftermath of being released so my semester 1 hybrid explored the play on scale and use of vast space to confuse but also confront the idea that the mind is never empty; it
is filled with chaos. With the internal manifestation framing the scene. With a lot of consideration my topic steered towards the fine line between real and fake and exploring that on an urban scale and the final drawings produced through my resolution tried to capture the essence of navigating through the underground to escape the city.


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