Thesis: Tropical Trio


My final project is based on creating a food strategy for the city of Birmingham. The aim of the project is to design a system to improve the flow of urban farming. My concept for this project is called the ‘Tropical Trio’ combining three differently themed vertical farms. I have enjoyed creating a design where I have been able to bring the Mediterranean and tropical environment to the people of Birmingham.

My name is Sherise Williams and I have always had a passion for art and design. Creativity has been an important part of my life through years of studying fine art. I have always enjoyed expressing ideas through the form of art.
I enjoy travelling and sightseeing which has strengthened my interest and passion for landscape architecture. I love to combine art and the natural world to define the cultural and social environment of a landscape.

The Parkside Building
5 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD UK
+44 (0)121 331 5000