The Mesentery


The project started off as design exploration where in the first term I had to construct a   conceptual form that had the idea of a multifunctional fitness centre that created sustainability for the human body. The viaduct being there for so many years, having these old rusty bones that still stand today and I wanted to take that into my idea and extend on what the viaduct already had. Taking this idea forward the design came to a stage where it was a smooth form that had this richness and luxury to it which was going to be constructed by concrete to give it the same effect as the bones that would last many years. The project in second term started to take a different design approach soon as walls and measurements got involved. The form then went through many developments in elements like floor plans, sections, and elevations. The 3D perspective of it was the most challenging in my case where my buildings structure changed into a thin shell structure that supported itself.
To create the structure was one challenge but to design the form was another. At the end of it all the design came to a smooth curve shape that had these grand stairs to allow an entrance point from ground floor to 1st floor for those who wanted to access the fitness area. The ground floor held its own entrance that could be used for people wanted to access the pool or cafe area. The project was all based around health and sustainability, the building being sustainable but using the environment to its advantage and providing sustainability to the human body by offering fitness. The Mesentery would last many years due to its concrete structure; it might lose its flesh, but its veins and bones shall always stand. It is an art to look after your body and I wanted the building to represent that.
My name is Sufyan Muzaffar, I am currently 20 years old. I was born and raised in Portugal, Lisbon and moved to the UK around 2014 and got straight into school. My English was not as good back then and I had to learn and do my GCSE’s very quickly. I am hardworking and will always work hard until i get to where I want to be.
I wanted to take the architecture route for the fact that I always was into designing and I have this dream of building things and even my own house one day. What a feeling would it be to drive past a building that you designed, and it would be remembered even when I am gone.

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