West Pier Hove


My approach for this project, is to use what is left of the building and design around it, rather than restore it. A few structural pieces will have to be enforced , but the aim is to emphasise the beauty of the structural remains, while also building something new and modern. Looking at current structural patterns and the salty sea surrounding it, I was exploring the triangular shape, as well as salt crystals to form my design.
I wanted this new building to be part of the community, where people can come together, any age, local or not, and learn, and socialise. The functions will be sustainably driven, from sea clean-ups, to workshops on plastic pollution and the sea, and susatinable farming, as well as a restaurant with an eco-friendly menu. The building will be accessible via boat, which will only depart on certain times as the tide can’t be too high, or too low. Furthermore, the top of the building can be reached by foot, walking around and on the outside of the building to enjoy the view from all angles. The top of thebuilding will also function as a lighthouse, hence the name, which can help divers to find back to the building and boats in the night. All materials will be as lovally sourced as possible, recycled and recyclable materials, while the furniture will be upcycled and reinforced unique pieces.

A designer who is passionate about the environment and likes to make this the focus of all her project work. Curious and creative, Yasmin is able to take in depth research and develop innovative and interesting concepts and sketch work

The Parkside Building
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