In a dynamic interaction between the city, the school and its studios, Year 3 investigates the design and creation of living spaces under the slogan “Architecture as engine of Change”. Created through open dialogue on the role of architecture in solving current societal issues, L6 studio is a laboratory where we work together to provide visual and physical inspiration for the architecture of tomorrow.
We are so excited that you are joining us to celebrate our students success and to view the fantastic work they have produced this year as part of their final year at the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design. Our talented graduates have worked tirelessly through unprecedented and challenging circumstances and we could not feel prouder of their achievements. They have shown copious amounts of determination and consequently, they are now able to reap the rewards. Anyone employing a graduate from the year 2021, can feel assured that they are getting an individual who is both dedicated and resilient!

Our show of work of L6 / 3rd year architecture demonstrates a fascinating array of individual design projects tackling a range of topical issues and we hope that you will spend time to enjoy the show, engage with the work and follow up with our graduates if you wish to enquire further about their projects.