Welcome to the MArch Architecture course at Birmingham School of Architecture & Design. We are founded on principles of ‘learning through making’ and ‘research by design’, represented here through the work of our three cross-level and mode of study design units; Arena, the Modern Gazetteer, and Extinction Rebellion Architecture.  We explore a long tradition of applied arts in Birmingham as a synergy between art  industry, culture and production. The students’ work draws from this heritage and the creative context this city generates.

We are interested in making connections within and beyond academia in sharing our knwoledge as an independent space to think, learn, act and make. We believe that our students’ research and design work has value and impact beyond the course, with relevance to contemporary social and cultural issues, opportunities for transdisciplinarity, and sharing ideas with our aligned industries and communities. We hope you enjoy the work of our talented and committed students as they speculate on the future of our rapidly evolving environment.