Welcome to the ‘Virtual Exhibition’ for the BA (Hons) Design Management Level 6 Top-up course for academic year 2019/20. It has been a great pleasure to manage, teach and nurture such a diverse and creative group of students.
Following its first year, the course provided a range of experiences, designed to ‘challenge’ the students from an academic, creative and professional perspective. This has been an opportunity for students to ‘explore’ and ‘develop’ as individuals, whilst working collaboratively within their design specialisms and towards their personal goals and ambitions.
The course has taken students on a personal journey, developing empathy for themselves, whilst considering concepts and recommendations for the end user/or client.
Design Management encourages students to take ownership and build on the skills and knowledge acquired, in order to become effective within their own design focus/professional specialism.
One of the most significant and noticeable outcomes has been the development in
‘confidence’ and this has been demonstrated throughout the modules. Students have identified their own research aims and developed detailed written/visual reports, produced and delivered visual presentations and exhibitions, with the aim of being able to professionally communicate a response to a problem effectively to an audience.
One of the highlights involved students in a ‘Live Client Brief’ during Module One (Part Two) which involved a presentation delivered by Bristolbased urban design and wayfinding group, City- ID.com. Students formed into teams and were
tasked in research, analysis and the creation of possible concepts based on a design problem around mobility in Birmingham in 2040.
This year has been challenging for the students, particularly accessing primary research data, conducting interviews and experimenting with technology with industry. Students have been proactive during the analysis of studies and have worked innovatively to demonstrate visual proposals and strategies based on the evidence.
I congratulate each of the graduates for their work and commitment throughout the academic year and for their valuable feedback during workshops and one to one and group tutorials. Keep up the great work and ensure to connect the knowledge and the professionalism into your next chapter moving forward.
If you are interested in joining the course, then please visit the course page on the BCU and UCAS websites to make an application.

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