“Considered as colleagues in the design studio, 3rd year Interior Architecture and Design encourages students to explore their own design identity not only within the framework of academia but beyond as participants in professional practice. This year encourages students to identify themselves as graduates of BCU who have acquired the lifelong skills required to be a designer; creative problem solving, entrepreneurship, professionalism and internationalism.” 

We are proud to unveil the 2020 degree show and to share with you our graduating student’s work, which represents the culmination of three years of intense personal and professional development.
BA Interior Architecture and Design produces experts in the design and creation of the interior spaces of buildings. Throughout their studies our students engage with every aspect affecting the internal design of buildings. They develop the skills to equip them to operate across the broad spectrum this encompasses, from the taste making of two-dimensional reordering, through to the sculptural and structural understanding of three-dimensional manipulation of space.
For their final major project our graduates were challenged with developing their own critical design concerns. As a result the work presented here represents highly personalised explorations of a wide range of subjects, in locations spanning the globe, and engagement with a complex range of contexts.
Each project embeds social analysis and awareness at its heart, and utilises creative problem solving to strive for added value in the creation of bespoke, often unique, and sometimes challenging design solutions.
The result is a crop of graduates who are capable of working autonomously or sitting within a multidisciplinary design team, who bring their personalities and identities to bear on the challenges they tackle.
We hope you enjoy this presentation of their creative efforts, and we look forward to following their next steps in the stories of their careers.

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