Through guided but self-directed investigations, students have defined their own academic pathway. Built on research and led via creative but pragmatic exploration in design, students successfully communicated connections between theory, contextual analysis, project brief, conceptual proposals, design development and design detail, to produce a broad-scale, multi-layered design project.

Lucas Hughes, Year 3 Leader
Welcome to the virtual graduate show for BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture. Our final year of the BA is very much driven by student’s individual interests and passion and this year they have not disappointed in their ambition and achievements, as can be seen from the fantastic work on offer. Students have developed three main elements:
_ a portfolio defining their professional identity, from theory to pragmatic and graphic;
_ a major design project, including the site and the project aims and themes, from strategy to detail design;
_ a research question and design, where they have looked more deeply than they have before into, encompassing key issues that face not just landscape architecture, but the wider human conditions
Project themes span and integrate issues within socio-economics, ecology, wellbeing and cultural identity We asked students to define what they felt to be the critical design questions of the moment and we present here their answers, which integrate theory, design and professional practice. It’s a challenging task that all the students represented here have risen to.
On behalf of the whole landscape team, I would like to thank all the students for their dedication and especially in such challenging second half of the year, moving to new formats and dealing with the new world in lockdown, often juggling their work alongside additional responsibilities.

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