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For Product & Furniture Design students, the final year has always provided an opportunity to engage with individually chosen creative design projects. After months of hard work researching specific areas of design, they create a design context in which to work in, allowing them to express who they are as designers, developing high quality portfolios in preparation for entering the design industry.


Our talented 2019/20 cohort have been a pleasure to work with, and even in the face of adversity have shown incredible dedication and professionalism to produce a distinctive body of work that they can all be proud of…I hope you enjoy looking through their work as much as I’ve enjoyed teaching them!

Richard Underhill – Product & Furniture Design Final Year Leader
This is the first graduating year of Product & Furniture Design and what a remarkable year it’s been (and a most unusual one!). One thing I’ve been impressed with, is the resilience and resolve of our students, continuing their studies in an incredibly professional manner and generating truly outstanding work. Their approach will prove to be an asset for future CV’s and portfolios and it’s certain that employers will be looking for graduates that demonstrated inventiveness, adaptability and initiative whilst making smart design decisions during this period of uncertainty.
With the move to online learning from March, final projects have been developed and realised through a truly innovative use of media. Alongside all of the made objects produced during the year we’ve seen the virtual environment embraced with the generation of sophisticated and extremely well resolved final projects.
The results have been incredible, and this has been an enormously successful end to 3 years hard work with our highest number of first-class honours alongside our external examiner commenting that the work is of ‘the very highest standard’ and the Product & Furniture Design Course is ‘one of the best IF NOT the best course of its kind in the country’.
The virtual graduate show demonstrates the incredibly high standard of work from our students and the importance of product and furniture design in shaping the future. The course team and I are extremely proud of their achievements and wish them every success in the future. Enjoy the show!

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