Foundation year students explore fundamentals across the scales and design disciplines of Landscape, Architecture, Interior and Furniture/Product design. A range of projects embrace sensory, cultural,  material, and historic/contemporary parameters, and encourage the students to develop aesthetic and problem solving sensibilities.

Welcome to this collection of work from the 2019-20 Foundation in Architecture and Design student cohort. 


The ethos of the Foundation programme when we launched was that it should be just that; A foundation from which our students could start to grow as designers.  


This year for very obvious reasons our students have also been presented a very different set of parameters for that growth. The switch to online learning in March necessitated by Lockdown, was a challenge for both faculty and students. Denied our regular facetoface studio sessions, we were all forced to re-evaluate, learn, and adapt quickly to the circumstances. As well as utilising digital online video technologies, students had to become resourceful in other ways, eg. acquiring materials for model making, and establishing a suitable place for study, photography, sketching and creativity within the home.  


The collection here assembled gives a glimpse of the projects the students have worked on throughout this year both pre and post lockdown. It does not show the many hours spent researching, analysing, evaluating, drawing, building, and model-making. Nor the time spent learning new digital skills, in CAD, video, and photography. 


To me it is already apparent that it has been worth it. The work on display here is evidence of how well all have risen to the challenge of these unique times. In spite of the enforced isolation, we have all come through this together, and I am sure that everyone will emerge as better and more empathic designers/teachers as a result. 


I would like to personally thank everyone of our students and wish them every success in their future studies and careers. I would also thank all of the faculty, teaching assistants, and workshop technicians who have contributed their time and energy and given such valuable input to make this the difficult year of the Foundation course a continued success. 


Myles Cummings, Course Director Foundation in Architecture and Design

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